A Specter of Change: Why the Africa Policy and Futures Forum

This is a unique time in Africa's history, and the specter of change in the social and political structures is cataclysmic. But there will continue to be deepening economic growth, social unrest, and oscillating political instability until there are strategic and decisive actions from both governments and citizens. The Africa Policy and Futures Forum is a new-generation think tank that facilitates critical, evidence-based, and non-ideological dialogues on the state of Africa. We want to fill in the historic gap between and among African policymakers, academics, and ordinary citizens through decentralized and open dialogues.

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African Solutions to African Problems: Youth on Building a United and Thriving Africa

We want to establish a platform where African youth will conduct conversations around Africa`s grand challenges and also provide solutions themselves, in a way that reflects African reality,” Sherif says. “We are not politicians or activists, just youth who want to take part in decision-making of our continent`s future,” Sherif says.